Monday, April 13, 2009

I am officially in better shape now than everyone in my family.

This includes my four sons.

This morning, I was feeling guilty from the millions of calories I ate over the weekend. (Easter party and a birthday party). I struggled out of bed (with a Food Hangover) at 7AM and made myself go for a 4-mile run. This meant I didn't really have time for breakfast. I nibbled on some snacks on the way to work. After running a morning camp (where I nibbled on some more low-calorie snacks), I rushed home because my husband had said that he wanted to run today, too, and make the kids go with us. It's their spring break and I'll be darned if they are going to sit on their butts all week!

We set out at a nice, easy pace. Approximately 4 minutes into the jog/walk intervals, my 11-year-old was whining and complaining and falling behind. 5 minutes later, my 7-year-old was, too. I didn't have enough time to walk the rest of the course and get back to work on time for afternoon classes. My husband told me and my 13- and 14-year-old to continue on ahead and they would finish at a slower pace. About 4 minutes later, the 14-year-old pooped out. He has the longest legs and should be able to run the fastest!

My 13-year-old and I are the only ones who finished at our 3:1 jog/walk intervals that we had started with. He was complaining of a cramp in his side but I encouraged him to run through the discomfort and finish strong. The last 3-minute jog nearly defeated him, but as he is starting his Jr. High School track team next week, he sucked it up and finished. I barely was breathing hard, despite being tired and sore from my morning run and the 11.7 miles I did yesterday.

Vinnie and I finished the course in 43 minutes (slower than my normal average of 37, but still pretty good). The rest of the stragglers trickled in around 55 minutes. My husband couldn't get my 11-year-old to jog any more past the halfway point on the course.

I am in complete shock that I am in better shape than my 4 energetic, skinny, athletic boys! It's not supposed to be that way, is it?

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  1. Wowzas you fitness goddess!!!!!! WTG... I know if my mom had beat me in a 5k I would have seriously kicked it up a notch to beat her. Way to spark them :-)